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S8 not fast charging after update free download. The firmware of your phone plays a big part in the charging process that’s the reason why your device may not charge if its system crashed. Some of. [Galaxy S8/S8+] Why the fast charging is not working after the latest software version? Last Update Date: Apr Samsung had applied to enhanced charging algorithm to latest software version, if you has used unapproved charger or cable while charging your S8/S8+ devices, fast charging can be not working well or you may feel charging time.

S8 Not Charging After Software Update Problem: Did a software update and from then the phone refused to charge and after a soft and hard reset the phone displays a. S8 Fast Charging Not Working After Oreo Update. Problem: Ever since my phone updated to Oreo i have had persistent issues. It started out with apps crashing all the time so i.

Fast charging can be turned on and off in the settings. To make sure it's on, go to Settings > Device maintenance > Battery > Advanced settings and toggle on Fast cable charging. [Galaxy S8/S8+] Why the fast charging is not working after the latest software version? Last Update Date: Samsung had applied to enhanced charging algorithm to latest software version, if you has used unapproved charger or cable while charging your S8/S8+ devices, fast charging can be not working well or you may feel charging time.

S8+ fast charging not working after upgrading to the latest firmware AQF7. 33 posts Thanks Meter: 2. By pe11arl, Member on 29th JuneAM After update my phone won't charge shows it charging but keeps draining while plugged in. To test this theory can you try another Official Fast Charger from Samsung to charge your phone ensuring the fast charging settings are still toggled On, and try charging another samsung s8 with your own original charger.

If you do not have any access to either then a Samsung Experience Store or Samsung Service Location will have access. Go to Menu > Settings > Battery and look for the Fast cable charging option.

If it’s not enabled, make sure you tap on the toggle and turn it on. After this, plug in the phone with the original charger and see if Fast Charging is working properly now. If it doesn’t, try restarting the phone and plug it in again. Re: Fast Cable Charging not working after the update. First, make sure the charging port on the phone doesn't have any dust, residue, or it is not damaged. If it needs to be cleaned, do so with a brush or something soft to get the residue off.

No, didn't think appropriate as the S8 fast charged 2 hours before but not after the Pie update. Samsung Galaxy S8/S8+ users reporting fast charging issues after recent update Subscribe - mgwm.extrazoo.ru Music: Pontiac_Shuffle - Youtube Audio Libra.

Given that there are at least two symptoms happening on your S8 at this time (fast battery drain and fast charge not working), we say the problem is most probably due to a. I have three charging cables, all of which were able to accomplish fast charging before this update.

None of which had any sort of issues before the update. I have checked and tried the following: Fast charging is enabled in the menu Fast Charging not working after June Update JUMP TO SOLUTION ‎ AM.

The last option is to install a stock firmware (installing the software again) to fix Galaxy S8 fast charging not working issues. It is the last resort. If there is some problem with the operating system and it is corrupted.

Hence fast charging of S8 is not working then you can use install the firmware on your Galaxy S8 using this guide. Galaxy S8 Fast Charging Not Working After October Update. Everybody’s hassle is more or much less the equal, in which they noticed that the feature stopped running after downloading and putting in the update in question, despite the use of the equal chargers that did not.

Well, i had same issue with my S8 plus after updating the latest version and fast charging was gone, So i have plug in my original charger ans cable fro. A number of Samsung Galaxy S8 / S8+ users are reporting issues with fast charging on their units.

Most of those affected say a recent update has completely broken the feature. Android Pie 9. FOLLOW US ON TWITTER: mgwm.extrazoo.ru LIKE US ON FACEBOOK: mgwm.extrazoo.ru FOLLOW US ON G+: mgwm.extrazoo.ru mgwm.extrazoo.ru Our troubleshooting video for today covers an emerging issue about some #GalaxyS8 devices having problems with fast charging.

Like any other power- or boot-r. No, didn't think appropriate as the S8 fast charged 2 hours before but not after the Pie update.

Another reason is I don't have another fast charger! Just waiting for feedback from other uses as to whether there is a software issue or not. I will move to the actual charger fault if no other members have a problem. Thanks for response. Fix Samsung Galaxy S8 Fast Charging Not Working Issues.

One of the things that may be obstructing the fast battery charging Feature on your Samsung Galaxy S8 might seem that the fast battery charging Feature is turned off.

It might be that you mistakenly or. Recent Galaxy S8 and S8+ update may have broken fast charging for some users The Galaxy S8 and Galaxy S8+ haven’t been getting updates as frequently as one would like for flagship phones. They’re also not getting them quickly enough, as evident by the fact that many regions saw the October security patch hitting the devices in mid-November.

S8 is behaving pretty abnormally. I would plugin the charger, it would say "Fast charging". I continue to use it, it would say fast charging, but as soon as I lock the screen, seconds later, it makes a charger connection sound, LED goes off and now when unlocked, it is not fast charging anymore, and wont until I replug the charger again!

On the web, many users complain. There are cases on both the S8 and the S8 +. Why after new update software for Galaxy S8+ fast charging is not working?. As users point out, conventional charging works normally. The trouble only affects fast charging.

When they try to use it, the Galaxy S8 just does not recharge as fast as it is supposed to. FULL STORY: mgwm.extrazoo.ru us! mgwm.extrazoo.ru us! mgwm.extrazoo.ru   After the whole Galaxy Note 7 battery blow-up debacle, Samsung has been super tight when it comes to battery charging and safety.

This is one of the reasons that the battery capacity on Galaxy flagship devices has not been upgraded from mAh for the past three years in a row. The fact that Samsung has adopted Fast Charging technology for the Galaxy S8 makes it much easier to. This has been happening to me also. I saw in the Samsung forums that they suggested trying to charge while in safe mode. That worked once, however, even now when I go to charge, it is not fast charging not even in safe mode.

Seems to be an issue with the update if a lot of people are having these same issues. Hopefully it is figured out soon. My Samsung fast charger is not charging fast — Keli Crane (@Keli_Crane) Novem. What’s being put across by a good number of users is that after installing the update, their Galaxy S8/S8+ devices have stopped fast charging, and are only charging normally.

Some have also clearly mentioned they are facing the problem despite. A number of Galaxy S8 and S8+ owners have reported that fast charging has stopped working after the latest update. We’re guessing the problem is in the software and not the hardware. Samsung Galaxy S8 plus comes with high quality but still there have been certain cases where people have had issues with their Samsung Galaxy not charging pr.

Fast charging not working on your Samsung Galaxy S8 or Galaxy S8+? Blame Samsung. A number of Galaxy S8 owners across the globe are complaining about fast charging and wireless fast charging not working properly on their device.

The features seemingly stopped working after a recent software update. Hi, Samsung galaxy s7 fast charging not working tried following 1. Cleaned charging port with rubbing alcohol 2.

Using orginal usb & charger (working fine with Galaxy S6 edge & fast charging) 3. Updated all apps 4. wiped cache partition 5. tried safe mode 6. tried factory reset FYI- I did n. It’s a known bug that many Samsung Galaxy S8 and S8+ smartphones have wireless charging issues. Samsung hasn’t come out and stated it’s an issue, but users on Reddit and other forums all complain about the same issue. My Galaxy S8 suffered from this issue and I contacted customer service for help.

It was a horrible experience, and I’ll walk you through the steps Continue. Samsung's Galaxy S8 and Galaxy S8 Plus, specifically the Qualcomm Snapdragon versions deployed in the United States, seem to be having problems with charging after a recent mgwm.extrazoo.ru update.

Now, it appears that some Galaxy S8 owners are having trouble charging their phones on their older fast wireless charging pads. Though it’s not. If you are a user of Samsung Galaxy S8, be sure to turn off your device’s screen when using fast-charging feature. Fast charging feature doesn’t work with the phone screen is turned on or when you use it. Check your Samsung fast charger is certified or not.

Samsung fast charger approved course will do mobile phone battery charging with a. - Read and understand why a high-end device like the Samsung Galaxy S7 running Android Nougat can no longer charge normally after the firmware after Android Nougat is installed; Galaxy S7 cannot reach % when charging after Nougat update; Ga. I just received a refurbished Galaxy S8 a few days ago. I charged it to %. That was at 9 AM.

I did not install any apps. It was down to 30% battery by 6 PM. Terrible battery life and it was just out of the box. When I actually start using this phone, it will require charging multiple times per day. Hi guys can you please help, my A50 is not working after an update. It says charging but I left it overnight and Im almost out of batt after I woke up. I just bought the phone like 3 months ago, so battery life is not an issue here.

I checked my port and I dont see any damage. My guts tell me it's t. This is a shot in the dark so take it for what it's worth. I believe the Samsung + app (if you have it installed), in the diagnostics section where it gives you an overall performance rating, if you click on that, it should list many things that it watches and one of them is the phone/charger connection. After receiving an update for the Galaxy S8 some users are reporting that their phone will not fast charge anymore even while using other chargers.

Slow charging is not a common problem with Galaxy S8 or S8+. In fact, the device comes with the Adaptive Fast Charger which should deliver lightning-fast charging times. Nevertheless, some user might still experience sluggish recharging. This problem can. Galaxy S8 sometimes won't fast charge after Oreo update. Close. Posted by. u/Mhinc. 1 year ago. Archived. Galaxy S8 sometimes won't fast charge after Oreo update. So I've seen plenty of people complain about not fast charging period after Oreo.

But, since Oreo on March 19th. I can plug in my phone to official Samsung fast charger and cable. This mail is in regard to your Samsung handset S8.

We would like to inform you that; this is not an issue with the device, this is the inbuilt feature of the handset, during *Wireless charging or fast charging, the device may feel hotter and this is normal range of operation which does not affect the device’s lifespan/ performance.

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